Fort Apache Hose Company 5
Organized April 30, 1923
In November 1911, Russell Hose Company #2 of the Roosevelt Fire Department was formed by a group of forty members and they elected William F Pearsall as their first foreman, F.F. Smith as 1st Assistant foreman and Charles Eppie as 2nd Assistant foreman.
They occupied a barn for a meeting place on the west side of Main Street, just north of Lillian Avenue.
The area, between Main Street and Union Street and from Seman Avenue to Colonial Avenue, was known as Russell Park named after the great stage star Lillian Russel which is also the origin of the company's name.
Miss Russell's real name was Helen Leonard after which Leonard Avenue was also named.
Their first fire apparatus was a hose reel which was replaced on November 20, 1912 when they purchased on auction Ever Ready Hose Company 1's horse drawn hose wagon that was painted white.